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With import and export is no longer a major cause of currency trading currency trading then 100% is determined by supply and demand mechanism that met in the market however the import and export activity is still used as one of the information to determine currency exchange rates and therefore the announcement
the balance of payments deficit or surplus is the U.S. still awaited because this information will be used to retrieve the position of selling or buying by investors on margin trading forex trading principally with the margin system is the exchange or trade in the currency with other currencies in units of a contract with a guarantee of trsnsaksi (Necessary margin) means that this trade does not let his physical currencies rather than just its value only so investors do not need to deposit the amount of physical capital transactions
Examples :
The market price of GBP1 = $ 1, 8850
Purchase: USD 10,000 (1 lot)
Transaction value: USD 18.850 (USD 10,000 x GPB 1, 8850)
Required funding: $ 100 (1% x USD 10,000)
When the market price GPB1 = USD1.8950 sell USD 10,000 (1lot)
Retrieved jasil USD 18.950 (USD 10.00 x GPB1, 8950
Advantages USD 100 USD 18.950 - 18.850 USD)
Rete of return of 100% to USD 100/USD 100 x 100%
Notice to trade 1 lot premises sufficient funds rather than USD 10,000 USD 100 with a contract value of USD 100,000 as collateral for transactions with this margin trading system investors can get the level reaches 100% while if the trading is done by a physical system is expected to buy only 10% to USD 100 / USD 10.000 x 100% may be useful for investors


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