Tsunami in Japan 11 March 2011

Tsunami in Japan 11 March 2011 a day of sorrow we are citizens of the world, especially Japan, because there have been devastating tsunami magnitude earthquake in Japan March 11, 2011. In video footage tsunami japan 2011, seen in office workers Sendai clashing. Books and papers were falling. Records also show a bus stop from glass shattered by the quake. as has been rumored in various mass media, the power of the tsunami earthquake in Japan is 8.9 SR which has damaged the land in the area Myagi. Within the last 3 years, if the calculated earthquakes frequently occur that cause tsunamis. Actually what is the cause of the disaster.

The word Tsunami comes from the Japanese Tsu means harbor and nami meaning wave, literally means big obak in the harbor. Now word comes from Japanese tsunami that has hit the city of japan (Japan Tsunami 2011).

Tsunamis can occur if an interruption occurs that causes the movement of large amounts of water, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides or meteorite that fell to earth. However, 90% of the tsunami is an earthquake under the sea. In recording the history of some of the tsunami caused by the volcano eruption, for example when the eruption of Mount Krakatoa.

Vertical movement on the earth's crust, can lead to the ocean floor rise or drop suddenly, which resulted in disruption of water balance that is above them. This resulted in the energy flow of sea water, which when it reached the coast into a large wave that caused the tsunami.

The speed of tsunami waves depends on the depth of the sea where the waves occurs, where the speed can reach hundreds of kilometers per hour. When the tsunami reaches the shore, its speed will be around 50 km / h and its energy is very damaging coastal areas in its path. In the midst of the tsunami wave height sea only a few centimeters to several meters, but when it reaches shore wave height can reach tens of meters due to a buildup of the water. When the tsunami reaches the coast of the mainland will crawl away from the coastline with a range of several hundred meters can even be a few kilometers.

This vertical motion can occur on the earth fault or the fault. The earthquake also occurred in other regions


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