Okanagan Mountain Range Ski Vacations

Okanagan is a mountain range that runs through
valleys close to three mountain ranges.During the
summer this is the perfect place to do some camping,
but when winter hits you will have great skiing
weather and conditions. There are small resorts that
are scattered throughout the area. The climate here
will make for great skiing down the slopes and through
the trails.

These scattered resorts are very quiet and peaceful.
Lifts are available, but they are limited to specific
times and dates. These resorts have great skiing
around them, even though they are small. This area
of mountains offers the most consistent
weather conditions, and the resort offers lodging for
everyone that cares to stay - at a reasonable price.

The mountain ranges offer different trails and skill
levels, but most of all they provide you with the
skiing vacation of your dreams. During the winter,
temperatures in the Okanogan range often drop to
zero degrees. The items you bring will need to keep
you warm at all times and safe no matter which trail
you may choose to ski.


Hitomi said...

When will be the specific dates that lifts are available? my friends told me the place was great and the snow condition is great.

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