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VALUTATORI SEARCHES WEB to make part of a total team to estimate and to improve the result of the search engine for one of the more important companies of search of motor the Internet world! WHO WE ARE Butler Hill Group ( is a linguistica technology society of services that is concentrated on like helping our customers to catch up new international markets being made lever on our experience in beyond 50 languages and dialetti. Our customer is one of the more important societies of search of motor the Internet world and is currently trying valutatori Internet-savvy freelance Web Search. Search Web Valutatori JOB will pass in resigns and to estimate the search result on Internet on the base of specific terms of search and to supply a score according to the importance of the result of the search to the term of search. The appraisal job comes carried out using an instrument automated online. Monday to Friday will be worked 4 hours to the day () and has the flexibility to choose the hours is wanted to be worked every day. This plan demands a engagement of job to partial time to 20-22 hours to the week. Job of plan is previewed to extend till December 2010, with a possible ulterior extension to june 2011. REQUIREMENT · PC personal that executes Windows Vista or Windows 7 (Windows XP and Apple Or/S is not acceptable) · Minimal ability to resolution of the screen of 1280 X 768; wished resolution is 1280 X 1024 · A connection to high speed to Internet · Ability to resolve problems technical/problems independent software · Detail oriented and organized with the management of the strong time competences and the ability to manage a 20-22 hours weeklies magazine job car-timetable ° it must be resident in course of Korea and have passed the majority of your life in Korea · Optimal acquaintance of the English language · Better cultural, political current, transactions and interests of the average in Korea · Acquaintance deepened with a great variety of news sources on-linens published in Korea · gotten passionate Internet Avid with the search excellent web and ability analytics · Completed 1-2 at least years of an university program ° 1-2 years of professional experience WHAT WE OFFER A competitive hour rate to payment, flexibility working hours during the job online at a distance.


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