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Now, with a variety of methods and tools used, types of massage are known to have varied, ranging from gentle massage to massage hard that may not be desirable. If you're feeling sore and want to feel good massage, massage options can be tried from the traditional to the series of international massage from foreign countries such as Thailand, Japan, Sweden, and even Hawaii. Some of the following massage options can be tried depending on your tastes and needs.

Traditional Massage
Massage is best known in Indonesia, usually known by the term sequence. Especially in rural areas, this traditional massage can cure the disease considered. This type of massage is usually strongly suppressed. By using the palm of the hand and thumb muscles can tense limp body back so much fresher. Some massage using coconut oil as a supplement.
Sun Bed
Reflexology is the study of massage at points specific body. Science comes from China. Reflexology can be done by hand and other objects of wood, plastic, or rubber. Massagers have any knowledge of the human nerve points, especially on the soles of the feet and hands. If you are suffering from one disease to the organ in your body, usually masseuses will find out through the foot massage. Reflexology is often used as an alternative treatment for many common diseases such as heart, digestion, even for fertility problems.
Shiatsu is a massage technique that originated in Japan. This specialized massage by pressing with the fingers or palms of hands are strong at certain points on the body. The benefit is to improve the organ is broken. Usually, the masseuse who was an expert will know which points should be pressed to eliminate the disease experienced by patients. This massage is similar to full-blooded.
Hot Stone Massage
As the name hot stone massage or hot stone massage, this massage is used on volcanic rocks previously heated first. Then a hot stone was placed on the body for about 10 minutes to warm the stones missing. Massage therapist will not push your body hard and often. Only in the hands and feet. Placing the hot stones will cause widening of blood vessels that will make it easier to suck the toxins in the body. Hot stone will also make you feel relaxed.
Swedish Massage
Swedish massage or Swedish massage was introduced by Per Henrik Ling in the early 19th century. This type of massage has been known in Europe and the Western world. Massage technique is not too hard and using the palm of the hand that puts stress on muscles and bones. For you who love the gentle massage for relaxation, you can try this massage.
Thai Massage
Thai massage or Thai massage uses gentle body energy. The benefit is for relaxation and even able to excite their partners. Masseuse will perform a gentle motion like he was dancing. Masseuse will pull your body until you hear the sound of your muscles, even masseuses will also use leg muscles to increase flexibility.
French Massage
Massage or massage french France comes from a country famous for its beautiful women and slim the French. This massage works add beauty. In the process of massage, will be used aromatherapy, scrubs, essential oils that will help to eliminate fat in the body and increase the cleanliness of the skin.
Hawaian Massage
You will be hard pressed with the massage. Massage using elbows to be strongly suppressed. Suitable for those who work and have been sore on the body.


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