History of American newspapers

The newspaper was first made in the United States under the name of public occurrences both foreign and domestick in the year 1690 the newspaper run by the Home printer harris Nationals who had just immigrated to American at that time but has just been published at all because The story Just because not oppose the government but because of not having published the royal permission to make a rule that British business must have a permit proclamation published in which it is supported entirely by the colonial government and religious officials they were afraid of printing machines will be the Herald and transform the study of news Bennett Bennett showed the American and the world about how to get the news not too long after Bennett had to succeed and build a news service as the corporate offices of many newspapers today we find he also has Correspondent put correspondents abroad where the news was sent to the business packages / flash deposit of the harbor Bennett's New York continues to his office in the city which he also founded the first firm in washington and telegraph services utilizing the newly discovered from any place just to place any premises which could be reached now the news ticker started chose selected according to their importance, but not for political purposes Bennett also learned about politics but about which one was placed in the newspaper editorial page that includes content about court business and social life of New York can not be guaranteed at least to its objective of but much has changed far more better than the previous paper paper
The third major newspaper appeared in new york in the year 1851 when henry raymond j newspaper founded by the name of the new york times top business partners help raymond george jones who have idea to publish that no
newspapers at that country's already torn apart by the era of Slavery but still firmly holding raymond perinsipnya civil war after a series of American newspapers after the business was growing at a remarkable paper appears in other parts of the country part new york and chicago south henry w Grady with his atlanta constitution newspaper in louisville Marse Henry Watterson tampat as its colonel kentucky stereotypes that have similar themes courier journal called the concept of community service


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