Minister what should PSU with APFC

More stable even though the input power suddenly disappeared down a split second common voltage APFC can receive from 110 - 240V automatically without requiring the transformer / stabilizer is useful when the voltage suddenly dropped eg 180V frequent in the dense housing
Relatively more protected from the bad quality of electricity that your home eg close to a factory full of machinery heavy machinery or if you have a large printer that can startup suction amperre tens APFC your computer more resistant to interference power input that is not steady and stable interference magnetic electric lights if you frequently switch off electrical equipment with the pc you are apfc relatively more immune to the effects of such interferesi above functions may not be found despite being set ups depending on what type of ups you wear
PSU was generally good quality apfc useless economically and technically for the manufacturers to install expensive equipment apfc on low-quality PSU but apfc noteworthy feature is often used as an excuse for PSU manufacturers to install a high price when the capacity of the PSU wattage equivalent to PSU apfc identical but without the flood of high-quality PSU in the market such practices can not pressured quality PSU that often make the pc as the syndrome if there are problems with memory and hard drive DVDROM vga so that traced the cause because of its random romdom restart pc or sring difficult to restart the flame of symptoms including low-quality PSU
Pc using PSU w / apfc ups usually do not require that his VA capacity of the capacity of the VA ups seen it if your pc without PFC and the power used is only 300W, but PF was only 50% then you will need a minimum ups 600VA capacity


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wow, good PSU, some of PSU needed stabilizer, but this PSU automatic, awesome

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