The issue will come Windows8

Microsoft certainly continues to innovate new operating system upgrade. Even OS Windows 8 reportedly drove in 2012
If the Mayan calendar is not proven and the apocalypse is not present in 2012, Microsoft will be poured newest operating system, Windows 8. Appropriately, three years after the appearance of Windows 7 this year.

This issue developed after allegedly belonging to the Microsoft roadmap yanng successfully spread across the Internet. Quoted from Electronista, Saturday (21/11/2009), the roadmap is described in accordance with the rhythm of launch Microsoft products.

According to reports from MSFTKitchen December last year, stating that Microsoft will likely release a new operating system in July 2011. Meanwhile, Microsoft also will release Windows Server 2012 and Office 2012 that will be published in July 2012.

And from a blog on MSDN's Microsoft employee named Chris Green has information about the release date of Microsoft's products in the future, including Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 (Windows 8 Server) and Microsoft Office 2012

Statement of Chris on his blog:

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