What is forex and formula

Forex is an acronym meaning foregin exchange foreign currency which is also often referred to as foreign exchange.
What is Forex Trading
Based on the basic understanding of the forex trading forex can be interpreted as sell foreign currency or foreign currency when people redeem their money into the currency of another country
Staregi averaging could also be applied when we have a sell transaction. For example, we open the transaction sell EUR / USD at 1.4820 price over time the price does go down but continue to climb up to it we do sell a second transaction at 1.5100 price rises continue to move up and down but the direction is up, so we do sell transactions that The third and obtain pricing 1.5280 do this averaging strategy
Buy 1 lot USD / JPY at 108.45 price 10 minutes later the price changed to 108.95 if we look at the transaction will have a profit 50 pips but because we have not closed the transakis is that we have still referred to as open
Fundamental analysis is based on news news about economic conditions and political and security situation in global terms, especially countries that have major currencies in trade
Bollinger bands is a fusion of three months of the MA lines are lines that have been processed in such a way as to provide an accurate calculation


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