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Antung endurance and lungs
According to Len Kravitz (1997:5) "suggests the endurance of the heart, lungs, blood vessels and groups of large muscles to perform exercises that hard in a long time. " And Wahjoedi (2000:9) says the endurance of heart and lungs is "the capacity of the heart and blood vessel system to function optimally when performing daily activities in a long time without experiencing significant fatigue. "
So from the above statement is clear opinion that the heart and lung capacity is very important to support muscle performance with her role taking in oxygen and distribute to all active muscle tissue so it can be used to process the body's metabolism.
Strength of muscle power
Len Kravitz (1997:6) says that muscle strength is "the ability of muscles to use maximum or near maximum effort to lift weights while muscular endurance is the ability of skeletal muscle loss is not necessary to use maximum force in a certain period. " While muscle strength is the "power, force, or voltage that can be generated by the muscle in a contracted at a maximum load. "
In addition, the muscle can also give the impression that one's body can display a better attitude, muscle cells are able to burn calories more, for a sportsman, athlete or anyone who has the strength and endurance will improve performance and achievement in him it only requires enough exercises and programmed. To increase strength and muscle endurance can be done through exercises such as weight training, push-ups to train the arm muscles, crunches abdominal muscle endurance training, full-ups and other weight training and should be remembered that in the endurance training the main concern is the number of reps.


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