Tips to make effective keywords
Creating effective keywords that are very difficult, but effective keywords that will bring a lot to come. Here I will give you tips to make effective keywords for our blog so that you get a little penggungjung from search engines.
Determine effective keywords is not an easy job, but it's not something that is difficult too as long as we know tricknya. It is no secret anymore that the blog / website niche is more profitable than the general theme, at least for beginners. The greatest advantage is the competition that is not too heavy. Especially if we can effectively target niches, it's not impossible if we can niche minimal competition, but many are seeking. By and large, keyword research aims to find keywords that:
1. Competition is not (yet ato) is too strict.
2. Many people search.
3. The price (Cost per Click) high.
For the purposes of this keyword research we can use: Google Adwords Keyword Tool. The address here:
https: / / / select / KeywordToolExternal
Through this tool we are able to obtain as much information about the niche that will be our aim.
Before the start keyword research, we must first determine what categories are we going to shoot. This category is more general. For example: car, computer, mobile phone, guitar, belt, etc. If confused, please try the following options:
1. Browse the product categories sold on Amazon. Find a top-selling approx.
2. See Site Marketplace at DigitalPoint forums. See website / blog with a niche much sought after, and most in demand.
3. For an offline, just tough ads that dot the TV. The products in these ads has been proven conduct, in fact the manufacturers want to advertise on TV that in fact they're expensive abis.
Okey, now we specify only one keyword that will be our abis peel. And keywordnya is: "bicycle" or a bicycle. So now we have to do is type the word "bicycle" on the homepage of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
Will appear different niche that is ready we shoot. To know which keywords that really has potential, we have to do some configuration on this page. Not all information is on pages that are important to us. Configuring the need dilakuin are:
1. On the Choose columns to display select Hide Advertiser Competition and Hide Local Search Volume. Why should on-hide? Because we do not need this information. Actually do not have in-hide would not be a problem, this is merely just for a clean yard so aja.
2. Still on the Choose columns to display column select Show Estimated Avg. CPC. In the Calculate estimates using a different maximum CPC bid: select U.S. Dollars (USD $), then click Recalculate. It aims to determine how the value per click for a keyword. Actually this can not be used as a benchmark of 100% correct, but according to some webmasters accuracy can be trusted by 90%.
3. The next step, which is no less important, see the Match Type box on the right. Then select Exact.
The order can be different. The order of keywords on top of me sort by Avg. CPC (matre mode: on). If you want be like that, click Show Estimated Avg. CPC twice. Later the order is going to consist of the most expensive keywords.
Now is the time for us to sort out which keywords are really potential. First export the results of keyword research first had to format the initial stage. Csv file, so that later we can the person who tinkers in Excel. If still confused, just follow the first course will also understand their own. Now scroll down the page Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find the words Download all keywords: text,. Csv (for excel),. Csv at the bottom of the keyword list, before the column to Consider Additional keywords. Select that. Csv (for excel). Well, if you've successfully downloaded, we are only able to move to the next step.
At this stage we need a supporting tool again. This tool will help us create a look at the web rivals. The name of this tool is an add-ons SEO for Firefox which we will certainly put in the Firefox browser. Those who use other browsers, I've never nemu plugin add-ons ato similar, so the only solution was forced all ya have to use Firefox. Well, first download the add-ons it at:
Just follow the installation instructions. Should not until 5 minutes add-ons are already finished installed. Once installed, restart Firefox. Later in the lower right corner there is going to the logo at the bottom of our browser.


Organikaceh said...

Thanks for share, very useful info.
Thanks for the visit and happy nice day.

Macey Prange said...

When your site loads, the first thing that anyone will notice is the banner. I think it's cool, haha! Anyway, so the point here is to look for keywords that you feel your target market is going to search for, right? If we're selling something, is it good if we try to top the local searches first, then expand once we have built a good reputation?

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