Google search engine

As discussed above a little that the website is already large enough and usually provide a machine profisional scatter each search engine works in its own way serhingga of the many search engines that will have its own advantages and Disadvantages when compared to the search engines began to circle of Internet users in english search engine writer's knowledge of the most popular is the google and yahoo it should be noted once again under each search engine has a technical and a separate search order so that equal results can not therefore a good idea to try several search engines at this section we will try two search engines ie google and yahoo
Until now, Google is the most favorite search engine for netter (as one Internet user) may reliability to search results plus speed and other features that Satisfy the users who choose it causes netter
Right now even have a google search engines in various languages
Global address google search engine is (of course with www.)
Google search engine features
Actually corpulent thing we can deepen the google search engine which provided a lot of features, so if we do frequently to search and use the settings and features that you can then search for faster and effective
Here we will only discuss a few things in the features and settings-fiture google
Setting language
If you look at the display window of google will have materials that can be chosen, namely the Dutch and english this option Affects only the language of choice on the menu and google but did not affect the search results


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