Internet is an important and inevitable lot of the positive side we can take but in the surf at home we also must consider the Internet to the moral bahanya our children especially those related to violence and pornography
Indeed we can not 100% protect our children from information about the pornography of violence and especially the children who have preteen or teenage children if we banned 100% using the internet who can ensure they do not get it from other places such as cafes or at a friend's house by therefore education and examples from our own that will effectively keep them
However there are a lot of internet in our house periodically check and we can make a setting to block to block the internet in order not to show violence and pornography do the following steps
1. In the state of online or offline on the IE Tools menu option> internet options then choose the tab appears so that the display content
2. Click Settings and select the display appears, thus Ratings
3. Rating tab you can specify a branch (level) which can be viewed on IE at the top of the box provided which can be 4 categories of branches determined is how to determine the branch by shifting the slider to the right or left of each slide and reach a point will come out about a branch that allowed to appear
For example the category of violence (violence) so if the slider is on the left (first period), all forms of violence should not be displayed right at the second point to be shown the level of the fight after that click apply
Have you apply but do not activate the settings settings on other tabs of approved sites tab is used to block or allow specific sites showing how to allow typing url in this web site and click where permitted allway never click on the tab next general will be displayed next to the general tab


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