Recognize revenue money from google adsense before talking about it we should also recognize the ad model-based system of pay-per-click one of the system of pay-per-click (hereinafter abbreviated as PPC) the largest and most credible is the company's Adwords leading search engine

Adword is the small ads that appear in the right side of search results using this google search engine advertising is a method that is very powerful and wonderful because you see ads that will be 100% relevant to the keywords that you
type will when you see results.
This is the modern method of advertising to advertisers he did not know how much it costs to spend, because all depending of the number of clicks on these ads is one of the genius of Google to allow advertisers to bid each other in an attempt to get a high price for their chosen keywords
Ppc advertising with an online business quickly now highly valued because of this system truly representing what is called supply and demand with ppc advertising Google can also make online business a success of new icons and created many new millionaires good for the success of new advertisers and create many new millionaires good for advertisers who promote successful as mediation and adwords adsense users as media promotion of all enjoy the benefits of each in fair
Adsense is the extension of the adword program that serves as a medium follow-up ad revenue sharing system that gives an opportunity for owners of web sites or blogs to place ads adword return for a commission-per-click on any ads that appear on the site with this pattern memeber google creates opportunities for anyone to take part in further profitable business ansense you as a member you will receive a special javascript code you live copy and paste the html code to place in the blog pages if there is someone who visited the blog you code will instantly display the ads directly from Google servers and placed diposisi you have previously specified when a visitor clicks on one google ads will collect payment otomotis to advertisers google then part to the cost of these ads and the rest will be provided to you for advertising costs average 32% means you get 68% of price of an ad


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wah bahasa bule lagi nich sobat, nich post sobat
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google adsense memang mantap,,,

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