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You have successfully organized various seminars anniversary events music concerts exhibitions and various other events, but you feel you are still stagnant EO and so-so just how empowering your EO to be developed following more tips and tricks
1. Do not hesitate to reaching other segments that have not been worked on before you can be the experience in other segments that can provide feedback and lessons that you never got from previous events
2. Try to menggerlar event in the surrounding towns do not have to have the provincial capital of carpet event sometimes in small towns more attractive and get lots of appreciation rather than carpet in the big city
3. Often take the team for sharing your event and spoke about the work plan of the project or just joking jolly remember you share a single team is nothing wrong with your work as a team with just relaxasi walk together or buy them out to eat does not matter so little common fund proximity You'll team with you menyolidkan EO and maximize its performance
4. If you want to conduct large-scale event but probably too big loss to bear himself quite interesting solution is to collaborate with other organizers who were planning to held a similar show is your profit will be shared with your partner but if EO losses would amount to the responsibilities as well smaller.
5. Safety tips in starting this business can be started with the product launch as the biggest expense would be borne by the companies that would profit launching products derived from EO is moving in this area is not large but after several similar events that had accumulated profits had been able to capital used to develop your EO


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