Strategies to manage digital printing business

You may not realize that all this was very familiar with digital print because you always use it in a day aktfivitas day at work and at home digital printing is all reproductive technologies that accept electronic data and use the points for the replication of all the printing machines which use the principle of image on the plastic material of textiles and paper etc., composed of a collection of dot
Based on printing the application is generally digital printing can be classified into
Printer such as printers for personal computer printers are all printing technologies that create images on paper in the capture of data or computer files and generate the first derivative of the print or original printing in which each mold can be unique or change this feature provides the ability personalized printed materials so that all Individual documents can be ink technology that could use a wax-transfer inkjet and copier toner copier misalanya equipped with copier scanner copier and scanner is characterized by the second derivative produces molds can multiply the copier prints the first derivative of the common ink toner machines dipake This uses technology elektrofotografi
Reprohouse workflow in itself begins with receiving digital data from clients like you are now all digital images are usually directly from a digital camera so you do not need to bring photos or slides to be scanned


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