Archimedes Biography

Archimedes who lived in Greece in the year 287 until 212 BC, was a mathematician, physicist,
astronomer and filusuf. Archimedes was born in the port city called Syracuse, this city is now known as
Sicily. Archimedes was a nephew of King Hiero II, who reigned in Syracuse at the time.

Archimedes' name became famous after he jumped from the tub and ran naked after proving that the crown was not made of pure gold. Words "Eureka (I found it)" became popular to this day. Archimedes was also the first to define the system of numbers that contain "Myriad (10000)", myramid show numbers seuatu infinite value. He also defines the ratio between the circumference of a circle and the radius of the circle known as Pi of 3.1429.

King Hiero II was then tied to agreements with the Romans. Syracuse must send wheat in large quantities on the Romans, so they are not attacked. Until at one point Hiero II was not able to send the wheat in the amount specified. Therefore commissioned Archimedes to design and create a new type of ship to strengthen the navy king Hiero II.

At that time, the ship made by Archimedes was the greatest ship. To be able to float, the ship must be drained before the water flooded the deck. Because of the size of this ship, the amount of water that must
the move it was very much. Because the Archimedes created a tool called the "Archimedes screw". With this water can easily be sucked from the deck of the ship. The size of a large ship has also caused other problems. The mass of the heavy ship, causing it difficult to move. To overcome this, Archimedes returned create pulley system called "Compound Pulley". With this system, the ship and its crew and its cargo can be moved simply by pulling a rope. The ship was later given the name Syracusia, and became the most phenomenal ship at that time.


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