Gaddafi troops destroyed attacked
The eruption of anti-aircraft artillery continued to be heard in the night sky city of Tripoli, Libya. Two military radar installations Libya reportedly destroyed in the attack.

Two Libyan military radar installations that were destroyed are reportedly located in eastern Libya. But French military spokesman involved in the attack in eastern Libya admitted, there was no Libyan aircraft which flew in the area at that time.

While residents in the two territories controlled by the opposition in the west of Libya, Gaddafi claimed was attacked by troops. This attack took place in Misrata and Zintan. It is estimated that government forces would continue to force entry into the territory inhabited by the people, in order to avoid air strikes.
Residents in Misrata admitted trying hard to stop with Gaddafi troops fought hard at the entrance to the city.

"When they entered the city, Gaddafi's troops began shooting at the people with artillery and weapons," said Saadoun, a local resident was quoted as saying al-Jazeera, on Tuesday (03/22/2011).

Saadoun himself admitted that nine people were reported killed in this attack. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding the number of victims of this.
For Brent crude in London rose U.S. $ 2.29 (1.5%) to 116.22 per barrel. "With the involvement of the western world, the uncertainty increases and fears of the spread of unrest in other countries such as Saudi Arabia. We will lose more as in Libya, thus leading to higher prices," said Matthew Lewis, an analyst at CMC Markets in Sydney.

The UN through the Security Council resolution on Thursday last week approved the military action in Libya's air defense is conducted in the last two days. Action was to cripple the power of Gaddafi of air attacks and detect foreign aircraft.

Libya itself is considering a contract offer oil blocks to China, India and other countries who disagree with him. On Saturday Libya has opened the bid.

Also a result of these allies attack U.S. crude oil prices Sweet Crude for April delivery rose U.S. $ 1.79 (1.8%) to U.S. $ 102.86 per barrel. The increase was after the European and United Nations troops launched a second air attack on Libya on Monday morning. Because Libya refuses truce announced by the country's third largest oil producer on Sunday night


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