World's Smallest, Age 17 Years Height 56 ​​cm

World's Smallest, Age 17 Years Height 56 ​​cm
For some people who do not know him, must think this teen is one year old toddler. But unexpectedly, Junrey Balawing is 17-year-old teenager who trapped in the body like a toddler.

For adolescent age, adolescent period is the moment when they can socialize without feeling inferior, and spend time on the move. However, different from children her own age, the teenager's body which only has 56 cm height is not experiencing a period of growth since his first birthday. This condition forced him to live in a small body so that he runs hard, and can not even stand in a long time.

These adolescents lived with two host and three sister who has a body higher than himself in the interior of the Philippine province of Zamboanga del Norte. He should stay at home with her mother while her sisters, Jaycel (13), Jay (11), and Jeanritch (6) go to school.

"He needs my care every minute, every day. Junrey can only walk if assisted. He was unable to stand for long because it will cause it pain," said Concepcion, the mother of 35-year-old Junrey, as quoted page of The Sun.

Junrey father, Blacksmith dad Reynaldo (37), must work away from home all week. But when he got home, Junrey enjoy sitting on his lap and around the village with him.

Concepcion realize his growth stopped before the second birthday. "He was always sick. We realize Junrey not growing, so we took her to the doctor. But they do not understand what happened to our son," he said.

When Junrey was 12 years old, the same doctor advised to give her vitamins, but they can not cultivate it because of economic factors. Although the mini-sized, Junrey have a healthy appetite.

However, the shackles will be immediately replaced it with pride. At the age of 18 years will tread on June 12 next, he will break the world record as the smallest man by beating the previous record. "If I was the smallest man in the world, I am very pleased," he said.

Previously, this award has been named to the Khagendra Thapa Magar from India which has a height 67 cm. "We have to double-check when Junrey was 18 years old, so he could receive official nickname," said a spokesman for A Guinness World Records.

Not only has the body Junrey the super mini. Hatice Kocaman, 21, from Turkey was crowned as the world's smallest woman because it has only 71 cm tall. In addition, Stacey Herald has a height 71 cm, was named the world's smallest mom with three children.


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